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Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Holy Basil (Tulsi)

Taste (Rasa): Pungent (Katu), Bitter (Tikta) Digests (Vipaka): Pungent (Katu) Potency (Virya): Heating (Ushna) Quality (Guna): Laghu (light), Rooksha (dry), Teekshna (Sharp) Dosha: Balances Vata and Kapha, can increase Pitta Chakra: Can align the entire bodies energy field Botanical Name: Ocimum Sanctum Botanical Family: Lamiaceae

Tulsi contains: Energy - 94 kilojoules (22 kilocalorie) Carbohydrates - 2.65 grams Dietary fiber - 1.6 grams Fat - 0.64 grams Protein - 3.15 grams Water - 92.06 grams Vitamin A - 264 micrograms Thiamine - 0.034 micrograms Riboflavin - 0.076 milligrams Niacin - 0.902 milligrams Vitamin B6 - 0.155 micrograms Folate - 68 micrograms Choline - 11.4 milligrams Vitamin C - 18.0 milligrams Vitamin E - 0.80 milligrams Vitamin K - 414.8 micrograms Calcium - 177 milligrams Iron - 3.17 milligrams Magnesium - 64 milligrams Manganese - 1.148 milligrams Phosphorus - 56 milligrams Potassium - 295 milligrams Sodium - 4 milligrams Zinc - 0.81 milligrams

Medicinal Benefits 1. Helps relive one from cold, fevers and headaches as it is a great antibiotic, germicidal, fungicidal, analgesic, sedative, anti-congestive, and disinfectant. 2. Holy basil protects our body from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections 3. Gives complete relief to congestion and many other respiratory disorders including asthma 4. Aids in the prevention of lung disorders and helps to cleanse the lungs after one has quit smoking 5. Eugenol found in holy basil reduces the cholesterol levels in the blood in turn this is also beneficial on the heart. Eugenol along with the Vitamin C content helps prevent heart disease 6. Tulsi has a huge effect on the nervine system which aids in the reduction of stress 7. Basil kills bad bacteria in the mouth and helps freshen the breath 8. Tulsi balances the uric acid levels in the body which is a key player in kidney stones. It also is a diuretic that cleanses through elimination of fluids. 9. The antifungal and disinfectant agents within Tulsi also aid in keeping your skin clean and pure looking. This aids in reduction of skin diseases. 10. Great antioxidant which will keep you younger longer 11. Gives high immunity 12. Protects against free radicals and radiation 13. Clears the mind and connects it to the body. Aids in “Mind-Body-Soul” diseases

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