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Julia Katcher-Persike

        Julia holds her masters in Ayurvedic Medicine and has been an athlete her entire life. She embraces the health and nutrition sciences with passion. She has been in this field of study since she was a little girl. She started her life off as a dancer and eventually graduated with her BFA in dance from the University of Iowa. Through her pathway of understanding the physical body through dancing she started to embody many different forms of movement and athletics. By understanding the physical body Julia also embraced the soul body through in-depth studies of religion, spirituality, and healing through many platforms. She has been studying spirituality and holistic health for 22 years. She only wishes to continue her expansion in the holistic health industry and the physical fitness sciences. Regarding her patients, she wants the best care and expansion of life for them. She truly embraces the focus of Ayurveda; keep the healthy, healthy and disease free and aid in those with “dis-ease” by bringing them into complete alignment and balance. True health matters. She started her practice in Los Angeles in 2013, moved it to Las Vegas in 2016 and now is currently residing in Sheldon, MO where she is living the farm life as well as running her gym ‘W’holeistic Athletics, her Ayurvedic company The Practice: An Ayurvedic and Healing Company, and her Yoga Studio. She is currently in her Doctorate program for Naturopathic Animal Sciences so she can bring the same care that she gives to humans, to animals.

Holistic Health

  • Ayurvedic Practitioner (Southern California University of Health Sciences)

  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association Professional Member

  • Ayurvedic Obstetric Masters (Arya Ayurveda Panchkarma Clinic and Ayurveda Academia, Pune, India)

  • RYT 500 Yoga (Healthier Vibrations; Ayurvedic Yoga Awakening RYS-200)

  • Reiki Master (Usui Reiki) and deep studies of  advanced energy medicine. 

  • Meditation Instruction Certified (Healthier Vibrations/ Dr. Christie Smirl)

  • Holistic Health Advisor (Healthier Vibrations/Dr. Christie Smirl)

  • Certified Spiritual Healer

  • Certified Ordained Minister



  • BFA in Dance from the University of Iowa

  • Trained with the ROTC Army for three years

  • Personal Trainer with 20 Years of Industry experience (NASM)

  • NPC Bodybuilding Competitor and coach

  • RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher (Instruction for Athletes, Yogis, Yoginis, Martial Artists (MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai) and the United States Air Force, Nellis Base)

  • Martial Arts Skill, Technique and Instruction with 15 years of Industry experience. Advanced training in Boxing technique under the guidance of Librado Andrade

  • Cheerleader and Instruction 5 years experience

Julia Certifications

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