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Yoga at 'W'holeistic Athletics


Fridays at 5:15 pm 

Julia (Surbhi Kāmadhenu), Yogini, will be teaching the techniques of Yoga through asana (yoga poses), breath work, and meditation. Fully aligning the mind, breath, and body all together. One can find true peace in stillness. To take the time to go inward and fully relax into the self is priceless. This class is meant for restoration and a euphoric and blissful state in this ever chaotic life. The class ends with an introspective discussion to heal the psychotropic parts of life. May you only be of service to the highest good and may you spread this amongst all who meet you. The light and the guru is in you. Sharing in dharmic purpose, ignites a transmission that is deeply powerful. 

Julia is a 500Hr Registered Yoga Instructor with a Masters in Ayurvedic Medicine the sister science of Yoga. She is divinely guided and initiated through her Guru Maa Adishakti (Shri shri 1008 mahamandleshwar Maa Adishakti satigiri maharaj). Her spiritual studies began at the age of 17 and one pointed devotion to God and the spread of God consciousness throughout her life has been of highest importance. 

Bliss is waiting, may you join me in grace.

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