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What People Are Saying

Many years of self neglect had left me in bad shape and not feeling my best. It’s not always easy to be a caregiver for the people around you without forgetting to care for yourself. A little over a year ago, I knew I had to try. So I did, and yes I felt some what better, I would lose pounds here and there but it always came back. Then I met Julia, she was my game changer!! My first challenge with Julia was an 8 week program, which I lost 20 pounds!!

I learned so much and was a great experience. Then, the 8 weeks program was over and I quickly fell in to my old habits, gaining more than 20 pounds back. Julia had given all the tools but here I was again and even worse!! Thank God she didn’t give up on me, as fast as I gave up on myself, because today I’m down 36 pounds, after a 6 months program!! Julia taught me so much, I have the knowledge to go into any gym and bust out a great workout. I have been following a strict keto diet, not always perfect, but learning how to keep going even after you mess up, which is key. Julia has given me so much knowledge on diet and fitness, but the one thing she gave me that is truly priceless has been self love! I’m still working on this with her guidance, but I feel such an improvement. I couldn’t imagine coming this far without her. Every day she was there to support me, I never felt alone. I proudly back Julia and know she will be the change so many need.


— Amnesty Cortner, Stay at home mom and caretaker


In My Deepest Gratitude in Service and Love. I am grateful to be of service to elevating the sentient beings of this great earth. May we only continue to be blessed

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