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Ghee and the Many Medicinal Benefits

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Ghee (Ghritham)

Taste (Rasa): Sweet (Madhura) Digests (Vipaka): Sweet (Madhura) Potency (Virya): Cooling (Sheeta) Quality (Guna): Masṛṇa (Smooth), Snigdham (Oily), Laghu (light) Dosha: In moderation can be beneficial for all doshas, if too much ama (toxin) or kapha resides in the system it’s not best to take in excess or everyday Chakra: Muladhara and Svadhisthana (Root and Sacral Chakra) Meaning: Clarified Butter (Removes the milk fat from organic grass-fed butter)

Includes: 1. Short, medium and long chain fatty acids, 2. Omega 3 and Omega 9 essential fatty acids 3. vitamins A, D, E and K 4. Highest natural source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) 5. 9 phenolic anti-oxidants

Medicinal Benefits

1. Helps to increase digestion and aid digestive fire 2. Aids in absorbing all the nutrients from foods you consume with it 3. Brings out the medicinal properties of spices cooked in it 4. Is used in many Ayurvedic medicines as a source of healing and treatment modalities 5. Increases the immunity of the body (Ojas) 6. Repairs any damage to the intestinal wall and heals it 7. Minimizes the risk of colon cancer 8. Gives high lubrication to the body both internally and externally. This is highly beneficial during dry seasons and cold seasons. 9. Aids circulation 10. Considered a rasayana or rejuvenator to the body. Brings the body back to life after it has been beat up by toxins and pollutants. 11. Aids in brain nourishment and nervine cleansing. Our brains feed off good fats. 12. Anti-inflammatory due to it’s ability to nourish and restore the tissues internally 13. Excellent for the eyes as an external treatment 14. Boosts Energy. If following a ketogenic diet, bulletproof diet, or paleolithic diet, it is better to utilize Ghee in the coffee opposed to MCT oil or XCT oil. 15. Keeps muscles and tendons healthy 16. Can be utilized even if you are lactose intolerant 17. Best cooking oil by far for all the benefits

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