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Now Is The Time To Go Inward, What To Do When You're In Forced Social Distancing.

When all that can put fear into you. That is when you need to go inward. Life throws chaos in your face, bring order to that chaos. This is a perfect time to reflect, rejuvenate your immune system, and replenish your life with new aspirations and intentions.

Most people move into patterned routines of which they become so accustomed to they don't know what to do with themselves when life throws a complete curve ball. Instead of panicking with the non doing of your normal daily routine, make a new normal for yourself. This is the time to recreate instead of yearn for what you've always done. Think of this time as a forced reset.

Think of this time as a time to understand yourself and your patterns. What do you truly want out of this life? Start your journey inward by first taking on the task of cleansing what is not needed. Go through your house, clean, purify and reorganize it exactly as you want it. Get rid of material things you've not used. Simplify. This will bring peace to your home. If you want to take it a step further, uplift the energy and mood of your home by saging every corner in your house. You can repeat a mantra in each room such as the Mahamrityunjaya mantra to clear energy or just repeat an affirmation such as "Keep those that live behind the walls of this house happy, protected, and healthy for as long as they live here". You can make your own intention specific to you, your beliefs, or your purpose.

Next is the time to purify and cleanse the body. If you find that your health isn't where you'd like it to be, write down exactly how you'd like to see yourself in physical build. Give yourself a realistic goal and while you have to distance yourself from society, start making the steps to achieve these goals. As a personal trainer I know you can commit to a workout that has nothing to do with a gym or even equipment. Body weighted drills are amazing. Some of these drills include squats, push-ups, burpees, sit-ups, planks, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, shadow boxing drills, ballet drills etc. These are just some and if you do have weights even just five or ten pounds all your basic strength training drills can be done. They also have tons of HIIT workouts on YouTube to get you motivated if you can't think of your own routine. Make a routine and be self motivated. Being active in general keeps the immune system high but overdoing physical exercise can also deplete the immune system so have a healthy balance.

When it comes to your food ask yourself if you are really treating and feeding your body to the best of your abilities. If illness hits those with the weakest systems it truly is time to start bettering your physical body with your food choices. If we are going to have quite a bit of isolation now is a perfect time to read and gain knowledge of food as medicine. When the medical systems are overwhelmed we will need to rely on ourselves. One great way to purify and rest the body is through fasting. I suggest a four to seven day fast either with water or nutrient dense juices, broths and soups. After completing the fast intake only foods that are wholesome such as fruits and vegetables. After digestion feels good to consume these then reincorporate grains. If you consume animal protein or dairy this should be reintroduced last. After reintroduction of all these foods produced by the earth, stay with that. Only eat what the earth has naturally provided for you in the season it has been provided. Remember things such as alcohol, cigarettes, and other drug related substances have a huge drying effect on the body so limit the intake or don't partake in them at all. It is time to eat like you care what happens to you.

To continue the path of cleansing and purifying. The mind is also relevant. We get so lost in fear that our minds can actually make us sick. Stress and fear are leading causes of "dis"ease in the body due to how they can completely break down the nervous system. If you are not one to meditate, now is the time to start learning. It is said it takes at least 21 minutes to start quieting the mind, so if you are only sitting in silence ten to fifteen minutes you haven't even reached the tipping point into silence. Even if it feels odd or uncomfortable, practice everyday sitting in silence for at least 25 minutes. If you get frustrated or just feel you can't, try meditation with sound such as tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, or sounds of nature. If this still doesn't help, try doing a guided meditation either from YouTube, Insight Timer or the many other apps that offer them. Another way to ground your energy or calm yourself down in stress is through pranayama or breath techniques. Even if you just do diaphragmatic breathing for three to five minutes you will feel calmer and more at ease. To really balance full body I'd suggest Nadi Shodhana breath or alternative nostril breathing. This balances your body equally. Another very well known breath technique is Ujjayi breath or oceans breath. This breath is deeply relaxing. Again you must take the time to practice them though, five to ten minutes. Another beautiful way to clear the mind is through introspection. Try writing or jounaling your thoughts, your life and where you see yourself. Be honest and real with yourself. Find your truth, find your purpose. Start reading and gaining more knowledge on different subject matter. Become the best version of you.

The spiritual path is always a lonely path as it is all about the inward connection to the self. You are divine and you have the power to control your life and it's outcomes. Redirect your energy solely to you and those that are divinely connected to you. Live in your dharmic purpose and dharmic connections. Understand yourself deeply. It is the time as we have the time when we are separated. Sometimes the world forces us to reflect, take that time. Reduce television, social media and any other thing that can cause a negative mindset.

Start practicing your life daily with a positive mind, a healthy body and deep knowledge.

Stay healthy, rebirth.

Julia Katcher-Persike

Ayurvedic Practitioner

Personal Trainer

Spiritual Mentor

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