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It's A Privilege to Be Able to Move Your Body

Stoked to be back to my workouts. When fitness and being an athlete has been you since the age of 5 you sometimes don't acknowledge it's power within yourself. Not being in a place where it is as relevant to exert through fitness. I am in a place of gratitude that I get to show up everyday to myself and push myself with a positive, grateful attitude. My whole mindset has changed around fitness in that yet again it's a privilege to be able to use my body in the ways that I can. I enjoy all athletic pursuits and now more than ever I will push and dominate any limitations in strength. I get to, the fact I have a home gym, I work in a gym and have gym memberships is a sacred right in abundance. Never take anything you do or have for granted. Own your confidence not your ego. The process not the product.

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