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Make Your Life Better By Making Healthy Food Choices

In this time and place of America food is readily available from the best to the worst. Not a lot of people understand how important diet is in relevance to complete health. In fact, plenty of diseases can be avoided and prevented if we took the time to really pay attention to our food habits. Food should become more of a sacred action as opposed to something we mindlessly do.

If you think about what you eat in a way that says this is what is allowing me to survive, this is what sustains my life, you get a bigger picture for the food you are consuming. Massive produced products with artificial ingredients and various chemicals are going to taste good to the human tongue because they were literally made that way to keep you coming back for more. All of these types of products are not in benefit of your human system. The human system understands what is in alignment with itself. The earth is in divine alignment with humans and all beings. This can ignite the idea that what the earth provides as food for human consumption aligns with the physiology of a human body. When we eat too far off what was provided for us in each season of the year our human form starts to go out of balance and this is when disease and discomfort start to become more prevalent.

Some big excuses I hear a lot is that people can "never eat that healthy", "you should just enjoy life", "changing habits is hard", "I just dont know how to eat", "I don't cook or I don't know how to cook", etc. All of these are definite excuses! All that I'm hearing when people say these types of sentences is they are not willing to put in the effort that will make them successful when it comes to making good food choices. Food isn't about convenience, it's about providing the nutrients your body needs to function at it's best. If we stopped treating food as entertainment, emotional bandages, and boredom control. We could start putting ourself first and making more productive, intelligent, healthy beings.

If you are saying to yourself, but it's so hard to stay healthy for a long period of time. You're right it is hard until it's easy. You have to put in the effort everyday until it becomes second nature to you. I would suggest start off by making one meal healthy and moving up from there until all meals are healthy. If you are unsure of what "healthy" is, ask someone that knows or start doing your research. Always remember the best way to learn is through experience. Challenge yourself to live a healthier lifestyle by making better food choices. Do this and you'll also start noticing other healthy habits arising.

Take care of yourself daily. Make it a ritualistic practice. Don't be too hard on yourself but stay disciplined. The outcome is the reward.

Julia Katcher-Persike

Ayurvedic Practitioner

RYT500 Yoga Practitioner

Personal Trainer


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