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Be Open, Be Bold

Im noticing more that the less people are communicating in real life we have lost a sense of connection completely. People have become more passive, worried and wrapped up in fears of comparison. People aren't in your face anymore, not bold enough to speak up to what ails them. We have to open circles of people just for people to communicate their feelings. People hide behind a social media screen but can't execute their argument in REAL life. I quite frankly would rather know truth to me then beating around the bush to get to the inevitable outcome. Even if it hurts or doesn't "feel" good. At least you know the truth. You will get over it, it will pass. Always go to the source, if you've stirred the pot around you and amongst multiple people. Remember there is always an action with an equal and opposite reaction. It truly makes people want to disassociate with society because their is no passion behind it, no reality within it. My beautiful friend and sister Dr. Christie Smirl always says that her mother told her "Just make sure your side of the street is clean" ... it wasn't something that resonated with me right away but now its become a permanent thought process. To be kind, to open up, to be open minded and to own your shit is becoming a rare reality. I am open and recieving of those that truly are open and recieving. Devote time to in person communication and always speak it as it is. This lifetime isn't as long as you think it is why waist time.

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